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Welcome to the Proxy sales service. Here you can buy individual Russian IPv6 proxies in one hand. Our proxies are hosted on our own servers and created using a special technology based on the /32 network. Where each IP in the packet belongs to a separate 48th subnet, which provides high resistance to IP blocking on various services. Our IPv6 proxies are characterized by high speed, stability, anonymity and security. they completely hide information (including indirect information) that proxies are used, and pass any anonymity tests.

How Do IPv6 proxies work?
Principle of operation:

1. IPv6 proxies are made on the principle of a tunnel from IPv4 to IPv6. Initially, you connect to IPv4, but you will have IPv6 as the output, and the sites you connect to will determine that you connected with IPv6, not IPv4. Since you are connecting to IPv4 at the entrance (you specify IPv4 as usual in your SOFTWARE settings), you do not need to have IPv6 configured on your computer and your provider supports It. The main thing is that the sites you work with support IPv6. After ordering, you will receive an IPv4 list with the same IP, for example (at the input) but different port numbers, where each port will be linked to a separate unique IPv6 address (at the output).


2. Our proxies are located on the latest E5 servers and are created using a special technology - each IP address is located in a separate /48 network, which minimizes the likelihood of IP addresses being blocked on various sites. Proxies are provided exclusively in one hand!


3. Proxies are issued in the format ip: port:login:password. After the purchase in your merchant profile, you can change this format and upload it to .txt as a list.


4. IPv6 is only suitable for sites that support this Protocol, namely:, Yandex, telegram,,, IDR.


5. These proxies are sold only on our service from unique subnets, unlike many partner sites that sell proxies from the same spammed subnets on different sites.

Individual IPv6 packets on /32 networks in Europe , USA and Russia

IPv6 rates:

1. Private static IPv6 proxies (automatic sale) for a period of 3 days, 10 days, 1.2 months with the possibility of automatic renewal.

Issued only in the format: ip:port:login:password (or with @, but without +IP binding)

GEO: Europe buy proxy ipv6 Europe, USA buy proxy ipv6 usa, Russiabuy proxy ipv6 Russia


2. Private static IPv6 proxies on separate servers (manual connection, 6 networks :/32, different GEOs) Term: 10 days, 1 month
There is IP binding

3. IPv6 proxy with rotation, time change 5 min. (automatic sale, for a period of 3 days, 10 days, 1 month. With each change, you get new IPs that have not been used by anyone before!)

4. IPv6 proxy with rotation, change on request (automatic sale, for a period of 3 days, 10 days, 1 month. Every day a new IPv6 list (pool)
! USAbuy proxy ipv6 usa




  • 99.9% UPTIME

    We guarantee excellent uptime ~ 99.9%, which is unattainable for free proxies!

  • 24/7/365 SUPPORT

    24/7 support for all questions.



    We use our own technology when forming an ipv6 proxy list based on the /32 network



    Proxies are issued automatically in a personal cabinet after registration and payment with the possibility of extension for any period

  • WORK

    Using IPv6 proxy for Instagram, Google, FaceBook, google+, YouTube, Yandex, and other services.


    We sell elite individual proxies "in one hand" - only you use!


Buy cheap IPv6 proxies

IPv6 what is this proxy? Can I buy them in Russia?. Even at the development stage of the Internet, at the dawn of computer technology, which, however, happened not so long ago, it was found out that in order to exchange data on the Internet, it is necessary to assign an individual address to each computer that goes online. At that time, there was not much demand for such a feature, the 32-bit address turned out to be completely self-sufficient in all respects, because its creators did not yet know what progress their idea would bring.

After all, today a variety of equipment is looking for its place to access the Internet, from a smartphone to a refrigerator, and therefore the old version is no longer relevant. The new type of IPv6 proxy Russia already has 128 bits, and this version allows you to issue a cosmic number of personal numbers to every modern inhabitant of the planet, and many more of them will remain in stock. The new Protocol provides a lot of tools for everyone, and therefore an increasing number of sites are switching to this feature and the IPv6 proxy version. In addition, all social networks in addition to Odnoklassniki currently also use these modern features. With VK, the situation is different – they initially started working with version 6, but then returned to the moment, the question remains open, but the trends clearly show their own – progress does not stand still, and new addresses are very much needed.

It is very easy to buy an ipv6 proxy online in Russia today.

Whatever it was, but progress in the end still takes its rightful place, and the IPv6 proxy will probably be at the peak of demand in the very near future, because there are really more and more Internet access points every day. It may become the final version, because even more options are not in demand at the present and in the near future, and perhaps the path of progress will force it to develop as well. At the moment, there are already several access points per person, usually within a dozen, and it will not be difficult to count them. This is a personal computer and laptop, iPhone and iPad, refrigerator, security system and "smart home". In some cases, there may be even more points. And no one knows how further progress will manage people's lives, whether the existing opportunities will be enough or not. But, at least for the moment, such a solution is not just satisfactory, but also creates huge prospects that are not yet covered by the human mind. In Russia, the service for purchasing IPv6 proxy is only developing, but it has great prospects.